PETA Alleges Animal Welfare Abuses at Carroll Chicken Farm

WAYNE - The Wayne County Sheriff's Office has been asked to investigate allegations of animal welfare abuse at a chicken farm near Carroll. TWJ Farms produces about 9-million eggs a year and employs approximately 20 people. CEO Joe Claybaugh says most of their eggs are sold to Michael's Foods of Wakefield. The animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has accused TWJ of euthanizing hens no longer suitable for laying eggs by putting them into a grinder without first gassing them. PETA senior research associate in the Cruelty Investigations Department Dan Paden says that is a violation of Nebraska's Livestock Animal Welfare Act. Claybaugh says the hens are recycled to be used in dog and cat food. He says the grinding process kills the chickens more quickly than gassing, and he considers it to be more humane for that reason. Claybaugh says he has had no contact with any law enforcement personnel about PETA's allegations.